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Virtual Assistant

At Timeless Virtual Assistance, our mission is in our name. Timeless itself is one word, but you can also break it down into two words: time and less. In service to our clients, we focus on one main goal which is to allow our clients more time to focus on the things they do best. To do that, we give you our time so you can work less. 

Our ultimate goal is to be a lasting and timeless asset to your personal and business life so let us take over those petty, time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the high level aspects of your business, spend more time with your family, and check off those long-awaited items on your to-do list. 

Betsy Fore

Co-Founder, Natives Rising

Board Member & Investor

"Tara is extremely dedicated, hard working, professional, efficient and kind.  I would not be the business leader I am today without Tara who has seen me through my last three companies and added tremendous value to each of them. She has also helped me to better prioritize my days so I can maximize time with my sons and family. She is the absolute best!"

Megan Gardner

Advisor, Board Member


“Tara is hardworking, proficient, professional and extremely dedicated. Working with her is equivalent to having the best EA, Chief of Staff and Operating partner wrapped into one person. Over the last 9 years we have been working together, Tara has always supported me in a way that allowed me to show up as my best self, in all aspects of life. Not only is she amazing, but she has built an amazing team which allows me to rest assured there is plenty of coverage during holidays and day to day operations. Tara never falls short of amazing and my life wouldn’t function without her.”
aaron headshot small.jpeg

Aaron Montgomery

Co-Founder, CarLotz

Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker

"Tara is organized, thoughtful, focused, empathic, and approaches my work as seriously as she would her own regardless of how random, whimsical, or insignificant. Working with Tara has lowered my stress tremendously. Any given week I'm 2-3X more productive and I'm more able to focus on my highest priorities. Besides that, she's fun to work with."
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